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is an epic journey of friction vs. flow

Work 'flow' is when we experience the smooth, uninterrupted movement of thoughts, insights, information, and ideas within our work. Work 'friction' is when things get in the way and reduce work 'flow'. Minimising work 'friction' to maximise work 'flow' is all you need to do to make work a success.


The Flow tool strengthens your organisation’s ability to identify and eliminate friction that limits your people’s capacity to do their best work and to gain recognition for it.

Your journey begins with a question

How well does your work 'Flow'?

To understand work ‘Flow’, we must examine the forces that create ‘Friction’ or ‘anti-flow’. Work ‘friction’, broadly speaking, is a key cause of personal and professional conflict, resulting in a reduced ability to perform our best work and gain recognition for it. We begin by identifying friction hotspots within your organisation and capturing high-level insights into the sources of friction. These sources include poor communication, unclear roles, differing leadership styles, insufficient resources, organisational culture and policies, and external pressures.

Building Flow Capacity

The Flow tool produces a map of Friction Hotspots across six ‘Flow Zones’. Each Flow Zone represents a critical factor for an organisation and its people in building and maintaining ‘Flow’.
The Flow Map is accompanied by a summary analysis of the likely causes of Friction.

The foflo team will design a range of Tactical Responses that will build Flow Capacity. These are based on high priority Friction Hotspots.