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foflo can give you at least 20% more Right now, your employees are achieving 20% to 40% of their maximum potential.

Introduction to foflo

In today’s work environments, the most valuable untapped resource lies within employees’ minds. foflo, powered by our Alethic technology, revolutionises how organisations harness this resource. Alethic is derived from the Greek word “alētheia” meaning “truth,” Alethic technology unlocks employees’ true potential by maximising the flow of their intellectual assets: observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges, and requirements. These assets are the foundation of all value employees create, driving innovation, productivity, and growth. Alethic technology creates a workplace culture and environment that honours authenticity, enabling employees to realise their full potential to pursue company goals.

The Importance of Flow

For organisations to thrive, intellectual assets must flow freely. When workplace issues block or restrict this flow, access to the building blocks of employee value becomes limited. These restrictions reduce productivity, performance, and motivation, increasing employee mental health and well-being issues. Often, the most valuable assets are the ones held back. Deeply rooted in personal experiences and perspectives, sharing these assets involves vulnerability, which many employees avoid to protect themselves from potential negative consequences. This results in a significant loss of groundbreaking and critical contributions. Today, for every observation, opinion, insight, idea, question, challenge, and requirement expressed, five are withheld, up from four just three years ago. This growing stockpile of frozen assets undermines organisational stability and growth. This means businesses function on a fraction of their workforce’s intellectual capital.

foflo's Impact

Workforce motivation, quality of contribution, decision-making and asset value are foflo critical measures of success.
  • Motivation: Essential for a high-performing workforce, motivation drives progress. foflo typically boosts motivation by at least 50%.
  • Quality of Contribution (QoC): QoC measures the workforce’s ability to achieve improvement targets like cost savings, innovation, or growth. foflo increases QoC by at least 35%.
  • Decision-Making: Effective decisions require the right mix of intellectual assets. foflo enhances decision-making capability by at least 30%.
  • Asset Value: The value derived from captured high-value intellectual assets. foflo recently achieved a 30% cost saving in a high-profile project.

What Sets foflo Apart

We have investigated the foundations of workplace productivity and performance for eight years. Our research has explored organisational structures, communication methods, soft skills, and motivational dynamics. Over the past two years, we have focused on the seven elemental intellectual assets, gaining a deep understanding of how these assets function in today’s challenging business landscape. Our work is pioneering. No other company has the depth and breadth of expertise required to understand and master the critical factors that maximise the volume, quality, and diversity of the building blocks of value, to propel organisations towards exceptional innovation and growth.