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intellectual capital of your workforce We typically unlock 200% or more of the

Building Blocks of Value

7 Elemental Intellectual Assets

The value your business generates depends on the ability of your workforce to mobilise seven elemental intellectual assets: their observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges, and requirements. These are the basic, universal building blocks of value that underpin your business's stability and growth.

More Value Requires More Assets

For every business looking to increase the value its workforce generates—revenue, profit, cost savings, new products and services, or customer experience—the following principle applies: 'Generating more value from your workforce depends on mobilising more of their intellectual assets.' However, various restrictions often make this difficult.

More Assets Requires Fewer Restrictions

Mobilising more intellectual assets means you must first identify and remove as many restrictions as possible, to ensure that your people can freely and fully express and move their observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges, and requirements to where they can make the biggest contribution.

Work, An Increasingly Restrictive Experience

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Frozen & Stranded Assets

Right now, your business is wasting an enormous amount of potential. Up to 80% of your workforce’s intellectual assets are stranded, unused, and inaccessible. This means that the value your employees generate is merely a fraction of the value held back. Personal, social, structural, and systemic barriers restrict the expression and movement of these assets to where they can make the most difference – typically leaving your business operating at only 20-40% efficiency. This inefficiency is a massive, preventable drain on your company’s potential.

For each intellectual asset your people manage to mobilise, at least five remain stranded and inactive, and many more depreciate in value during transit.


What This Means for Business Growth

Operating at a fraction of your potential limits the growth of your business. Untapped intellectual assets lead to missed opportunities, stagnation, and increased vulnerability to competitors. Your capacity to innovate, make informed decisions, and respond to market changes is suppressed. This impacts the experience you deliver to your customers, undermines your competitive edge, and stunts your growth.

What This Means for People Growth

For your employees, the challenge of mobilising their intellectual assets results in frustration, disengagement, and a lack of motivation. Their creativity and potential remain unrecognised, leading to dissatisfaction and increased turnover rates. This environment adversely affects their mental health and well-being, causing stress, anxiety, and a reduced sense of purpose. Your workforce is not developing, learning, or thriving to its full potential – directly affecting your overall performance and success.

Going Back to Basics

The solution lies in mobilising more of your workforce’s intellectual assets. This involves creating an environment where observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges, and requirements can be freely expressed and moved to where they are needed most. By doing so, you unlock the true potential of your business and your people, driving unprecedented levels of innovation, efficiency, and growth, as well as exceptional customer service and experience.

Your Future Your Call

The only way for a workforce to thrive is by mobilising more of its intellectual capital. This creates a robust foundation for resilience and growth, enabling it to face various challenges in an ever-changing business landscape. As businesses and industries evolve, the demand for human creativity and critical thinking becomes increasingly crucial. By fully leveraging the intellectual assets of your workforce, you enhance your business’s adaptability and innovation capabilities, ensuring long-term success and sustainability while safeguarding against current and emerging threats, such as AI’s impact on jobs. Investing in mobilising your employees’ intellectual assets fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. This empowers your workforce to contribute meaningfully, stay engaged, and find purpose in their roles. As a result, you build a more agile, motivated, and productive workforce capable of driving your business forward in an ever-changing landscape.

What We Do

The success or failure of an organisation hinges on the ability of its people to move their intellectual assets to where they are needed most. Few organisations consider the consequences of failing to support their people in mobilising their thoughts, opinions, insights, observations, information, insights and ideas. Yet, every day, assets like these get ignored, not due to their lack of merit but because they fail to get where they can contribute. By actively supporting the mobilisation of your people’s intellectual assets, you ensure they contribute to their and your success rather than compromise it. This is what we do.