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Our Journey

foflo Leadership Team

Timing Is Everything

For years, we have explored the origins of value within organisations, focusing on the workforce’s crucial role in value creation. We examined what influences and controls the value a workforce can generate, what happens to this value as it is exposed to various work conditions and the value that gets left behind. We discovered that in today’s demanding, information-dependent work environments, the only reliable way forward for businesses is to adopt a back-to-basics approach to value creation, focusing on harnessing more of the workforce’s intellectual capital. This approach is founded on the principles of Kangen Shugi, derived from the Japanese term for “Reductionism” or “Return to Source”, a forward-thinking, back-to-basics business improvement methodology.

Harnessing more of a workforce’s intellectual capital requires a deep understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of our fundamental units of value: our ‘Intellectual Assets’ – a goal that has taken us years to achieve. This has led us to prioritise the ‘need to market’ over ‘speed to market’ for our methods. This means we share our discoveries only when they have the potential to significantly impact millions of employees and their employers, even if it takes almost a decade to do so.

We are ready to share our solutions and look forward to working with you.

The foflo Team