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foflo O/S

fofloOS Vision

fofloOS is an operating system designed and engineered specifically for the workforce and workplace. Our vision is to revolutionise how intellectual assets—everything from individual observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges and requirements are mobilised and leveraged within any organisation. fofloOS will enable a seamless flow of these assets, ensuring they are delivered to the right places at the right times, enabling a fully connected workforce. fofloOS is not just about improving efficiency; it’s about enabling every member of the workforce to make a real impact, transforming potential into performance, and setting new standards of excellence in today’s complex world.

IT Operating System

An IT operating system is fundamentally about moving data to where it needs to go within a system (software and hardware) environment.

Workforce Operating System

The foflo operating system is fundamentally about moving intellectual assets to where they need to go within a work (people and processes) environment.

fofloOS Roadmap

In practical terms, fofloOS means embedding simple systems for monitoring and maintaining the flow of intellectual assets. This is currently achieved through the Flow Tool and AssetXplorer system. We believe the future of fofloOS lies in bespoke flow applications being designed, developed, and integrated within fofloOS. This will allow for a business, domain, and goal-specific focus, specifically for capturing, evaluating, packaging, and delivering high-value intellectual assets.

fofloOS Principles

fofloOS operates on the principle that the intellectual capital of a workforce is its most valuable asset, especially in unpredictable and complex environments. By ensuring the free flow of observations, opinions, insights, ideas, questions, challenges, and requirements to where they are needed most, fofloOS will foster a culture of interconnectedness and intellectual openness. This approach addresses the need for organisations to operate as cohesive units rather than as collections of isolated departments, teams, or individuals.
fofloOS will reveal the workforce's hidden, untapped potential by breaking down barriers that block or limit the free flow of knowledge, experience, expertise, and creativity. It will align individual contributions with the goals of teams, departments, projects, and the organisation, ensuring that these contributions drive performance.
fofloOS overcomes the obstacles that conventional methods fail to address, such as the fragmented flow of information and the inability to harness the workforce's collective brainpower. It recognises and harnesses the diversity of intellectual assets, ensuring they support organisational goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.
This approach of leveraging intellectual assets sets fofloOS apart, making it the only method capable of delivering sustained performance, growth, and stability in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. fofloOS is a complete reimagining of how to achieve excellence in the modern organisation.

An Industrial Scale Opportunity

Our team has considerable strategic and tactical experience within the UK Railways industry, collaborating with governing and operational entities, including RDG, RSSB, ORR, Network Rail, GBRTT, and the DfT, as well as the supply chain. Our independence is crucial in achieving our vision of rekindling the pioneering spirit of rail through RailwayOS, an industry application of fofloOS. We view RailwayOS as a catalyst for change rather than the change itself, recognising that the exceptionally talented people who work tirelessly in the rail industry are more than qualified and capable of driving this change. Our principle objective for RailwayOS is to mobilise the thoughts, observations, opinions, insights, information, and ideas of those who dedicate their lives to the Railways, enabling them to work towards securing an extraordinary future for rail transportation. Watch this space. Website coming soon; and